We color outside the lines and wear stripes with prints, thrive on expression of our creative mind, but embrace traditional methods. We never say never...unless we don't like you. And we are extremely honest.

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KKP continues to provide their clients with innovative marketing strategies and consulting services, designed for your individual needs. We realize that you are as unique as we are!



We are not boring, and we love what we do! Yay!


We are determined, consistent and fanatic about making sure our clients are thrilled with their results and will stop at nothing until they are.


Crowdfunding is the new green, and we think it pairs well with just about anything!


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Kim Kaplan spent many years as one of Sacramento’s leading ladies in morning radio before starting her company Kim Kaplan Productions, which she co-owns with her husband, George Salgado. Over the nearly fifteen years, KKP has worked with many different types of projects, from audio and video production, product, project and social media managing. KKP serves a number of different clients, from product manufacturers, start-ups and entrepreneurs to TV producers and non-profit organizations, providing a "one-stop" shop for many types of projects.



    Social Media is becoming an important asset to businesses and most professionals. We think Tweeting, Liking and Sharing is important. Learn more about how we can help you grow your social media! And remember…Sharing is Caring!



    KKP has worked on many projects as a lead manager, and in the last three years has embraced the crowdfunding phenomenon, working as a crowdfunding specialist and consultant creating and managing crowdfunding campaigns that have collectively raised over one and a half million dollars in the past five years. We might be claustrophobic , but we love a crowd!
    Go figure..



    Kim Kaplan Productions provides professional video production services for any need. We cover everything from business and corporate presentations to commercial and crowdfunding videos. And yes, if you need a good wedding video we can do that too.. no job is too big, or small!



    KKP started ten years ago as an audio production studio, and quickly grew into a multi-media production house, but we still love our roots! According to the KKP archives, it is a known fact that Kim started speaking in sentences before the age of one. According to her mother, she has never stopped talking. Maybe that’s why she had such a successful career as an on-air personality making waves in Northern California radio.

Kim Kaplan Productions provides essential services and needs designed to work with todays fast-paced technology. From creative visual and audio production to consulting, crowdfunding and climbing the tallest building screaming your message to the world! We may not be super hero’s, but we have been known to get super excited! Kim Kaplan Productions provides the following services: Project Management, Marketing & Consulting, Public Relations, Crowdfunding Services, Audio & Video Production

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    This was something I wrote a year ago, and thought I would re-post because it’s a great reminder to find your light!

    Glimpses of creative light sometimes comes from the most unexpected sources, and as it turns out, a much needed flicker of genuine tenacity has been a part of my surroundings for the last year. I just didn’t know it until recently.

    It happens to all of us creative types, it’s happening to me right now…this drizzle that seems to be occupying the right side of my brain. As much as I would like to blame this on the cold and sinus issues I have been suffering from recently, I know all to well that finding that elusive creative light can be difficult no matter what the circumstance.

    Through my years as Creative Director for Kim Kaplan Production (yes, I do chuckle at the title, especially during what I call “the dismal realm of creativity” season), it has once again occurred to me that what we surround ourselves with, will ultimately supply that spark if we allow ourselves to notice that little flicker of light out of the corner of our eyes. I know I’m not revealing anything new. But I also know how easily we forget about the simplest ways to turn those fleeting moments of brilliance into actual material. You have to go for it!

    Included in my surroundings are my loving husband George, my cat Toby (who doesn’t necessarily inspire me) and my two dogs, Winston and Wyatt. Winston is 16, deaf, can’t see well, has arthritis and a bit of doggy senility. In some ways he reflects that aging part of me that worries about the future. The future of my health, the ability to communicate and the reality of getting older. Winston came into my life when he was just 6 weeks old, and I’ve watched him age, gracefully I might add. Wyatt on the other hand is only 5 years old and full of wonder, mischief and the ability to communicate in a way I have never experienced with another animal. It’s scary really. In the last year or so, we have noticed that Wyatt loves to chase light. Any type of light. Even the flickers of the flame from the fireplace, which has resulted in singed whiskers! Regardless of where the light comes from, Wyatt is pouncing and scratching at the light with such determination to catch it as nothing I have ever seen. You can’t even pull him away from it he wants it so bad. Unfortunately, this can also wreak havoc on a neighbor (who offered to feed the dogs while we were away) when she came in the front door using a flashlight.

    Wyatt inspires me. What happens when we have that kind of determination for something, whether an idea that you want to bring to life or something more? If we go after it like Wyatt chases light, how can we fail? Well, Wyatt fails every time because it’s just light. But does
    he? I don’t think he does. The satisfaction in this dogs face every time he catches a glimpse of light, knowing that he will do everything
    in his power to retrieve it is enough. Of course there is confusion when the light disappears, but it’s only a matter of time for another
    ray of sunshine to appear, and based on past experience, as long as Wyatt catches a glimpse, nothing is going to stop him from chasing it.

    During this time of year we experience cold winter weather. Well, if you live in California, you know that we have enjoyed beautiful sunny skies and unseasonably warm days. But regardless of the weather outside, the clouds still exist in my head at times. But I also need to realize that even in cloudy weather, the sunlight is merely hiding behind the gray and sometimes we need to look beyond the gloomy, dismal skies and grab a flashlight. And yes, Wyatt knows where we keep it.

    You can close the windows and darken your room, and you can open the windows and let light in. It is a matter of choice. Your mind is your room. Do you darken it or do you fill it with light?

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